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FAQ about being a Mompreneur

In the following we answer frequently asked questions about founding a company, self-employment and related legal issues.

Fragen und Antworten zur Selbstständigkeit als Mutter

FAQ on starting a company and self-employment as a Mompreneur in Switzerland

How can I organise my everyday life as an self-employed mother?

Alltag in der Selbstständigkeit als Mutter
You will find tips on how to best manage your Mompreneur life here.

What tips do other Mompreneurs give me?

Tipps von Mompreneurs

How much does it cost to set up a company with STARTUPS.CH?

Kosten Firmengründung STARTUPS.CH
Calculate a non-binding offer with just a few clicks online.

How long does it take to found my company?

Dauer der Firmengründung
You can find an overview of the duration of the steps here.

What do I have to do when setting up a company?

Vorgehen bei der Firmengründung
Calculate an offer for your company incorporation.

How does the foundation of a company work?

Funktion Firmengründung
Find out here how you can best prepare yourself for self-employment.

How do I prepare myself optimally for self-employment?

Vorbereitung auf die Selbstständigkeit

How does the personal consultation work?

Persönliches Beratungsgespräch

I would like to start my own business. What exactly do I need to do?

Vorgehensweise Selbstständigkeit
Arrange an appointment

Do I have to appear in person for the foundation?

Persönliches Erscheinen Firmengründung

How do I get a residence and work permit?

Aufenthaltsbewilligung und Arbeitsbewilligung

In which case can I withdraw my pension fund assets as starting capital?

Pensionskassengelder als Startkapital
Learn more about the pension fund withdrawal

Do I have to inform my employer about a possible self-employment?

Arbeitgeber über Selbstständigkeit informieren

Are there any rules regarding the nationality of the company founders?

Nationalität der Firmengründer

What do I have to consider when converting a legal form?

Umwandlung der Rechtsform
Book a transformation

From what point in time after incorporation must VAT be charged?

Mehrwertsteuer abrechnen Zeitpunkt

What criteria do I have to consider to select my company name?

Kriterien für Firmennamen

What do I have to do after founding a company?

Nach der Firmengründung
It is important that you have your time management under control.