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Becoming successfully self-employed

Professionally independent. As a Mompreneur!

You want to launch your own business as a Mompreneur? We will give you tips on how to cope with your Mompreneur everyday life and support you before, during and after the foundation of your company. Professionally independent as a Mompreneur. Easy. Online.

What being a Mompreneur means

Definition Mompreneur

The term Mompreneur is a neologism and is composed of the two words 'Mom' and 'Entrepreneur'. Mompreneurs are mothers who become self-employed after the birth of their children and run their own business. It is often a challenge to find the balance between work and family. With us you will learn everything you need to know before, during and after you start your own business.

Advantages and disadvantages of self-employment as a mother

Being an entrepreneur and a mother offers many advantages, but has also disadvantages which you need to be aware of. We will gladly support you to be able to master the challenges.

Advantages Mompreneur

Advantages Mompreneur
Advantages Mompreneur
Technology enables home office
Advantages Mompreneur
Versatile role model
Advantages Mompreneur
Organisation and time management

Disadvantages Mompreneur

Financial risk
Development towards a "Entrepre-Mother"
Advantages and disadvantages Mompreneur

Why you should become self-employed as a mother

Reasons for self-employment

Mompreneur Flexibility


In self-employment, you are your own boss and you can determine your own working hours. The step into the Mompreneur-existence allows you a lot of flexibility. If your child needs its mother or is ill, you can take a break at any time.
Mompreneur Technologies and home office


Thanks to technologies such as smartphones, tablets, laptops and the programmes you can install on them, you can not only use your time efficiently, but also manage and organise it yourself. You can also work from home if you want to.
Mompreneur organisation and time management

Organisation and time management

With good organisation and time management, you can pursue your professional goals and dreams while fulfilling your role as a mother.
Mompreneur role model

Versatile role model

At the same time you show your children that they should pursue their goals and make their dreams come true. You can be a versatile role model for them and show them that they can achieve anything if they commit themselves to it.

Risks associated with being an entrepreneur and a mother

Challenges in self-employment

Mompreneur Work-Life-Balance


If you run your own business, you will have to invest a lot of time, especially in the beginning. Therefore there is the risk that you will sometimes stay in the office longer than planned. For many Mompreneurs, it is a challenge to keep their work-life balance under control. Although it can be achieved through good planning, time management and structure, for example.


If you are a workaholic, there is a risk of the development from a mompreneur towards an “entrepre-mother”. This does not have to be a negative thing, if that is what you want. However, you should be aware of how you want to plan your work-life balance before you start your own business.
Mompreneur financial riskl

Financial risk

In addition, there is a financial risk associated with every self-employment. Not every newly founded company will be successful. For example, if you choose a sole proprietorship as the legal form, you have unlimited liability with your private assets.

Petra’s experiences and how you can avoid her mistakes from the beginning

Petra has three children and is a single parent. She has been an employee care specialist for children for many years and has recently lost her job due to restructuring. She has therefore been forced to open her own crèche.

As Petra's financial circumstances are rather tight, she immediately threw herself into the foundation of her company, which she carried out without any support. She decided on the sole proprietorship as this was the quickest way and did not really deal with other legal forms.
The fear of failure puts Petra under enormous pressure so that she is constantly stressed and does not bring any real structure into her everyday life. It already happened once that she forgot her daughter's birthday party and she frequently only comes home in the evening when the children are already in bed.

Due to all the stress, the risk analysis also went under, so Petra didn't think about how to avoid risks and where to take out insurance. When a former colleague asks her about it, she is shocked.
She had forgotten all about that. The friend explains to her that as the owner of a sole proprietorship she is liable with her private assets and that insurance is only sparsely mandatory with this legal form.

Don't be like Petra!

We help you to avoid such mistakes from the very beginning and support you before, during and after the launch of your company.

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